Who Can I Talk to About My Tax Questions

September 27, 2019

Taxes can be complicated, especially after the changes that went into effect in 2018. With massive penalties for underpayment or fraud, taxes are the one thing you don’t want to mess up. That means when you have questions, you need to talk to the experts. However, if you haven’t sought tax advise before, you may not how to choose a qualified firm. To help you out, here are three things you should consider when looking at Encino Tax Consultants.


There are a couple of different credentials a tax adviser may hold, and some hold more weight than others. For example, anyone who is compensated for preparing taxes must have a Preparer Tax Identification Number, but these are relatively simple to get. On the other hand, there are certifications that require substantial training, such as the following designations:

• Enrolled agent
• Completed the Annual Filing Season Program
• Licensed attorney
• Certified public accountant


As you search for Los Angeles Tax Preparation services, take the time to research how long a firm has existed and how long its advisers have worked in the field. The more experienced, the better.

You should also look for individuals with membership in professional organizations. Associations typically have requirements members must meet, such as adhering to a code of ethics. The following are organizations a tax professional may belong to:

• American Academy of Attorney CPAs
• National Association of Tax Professionals
• American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
• National Association of Enrolled Agents

Long-Term Partnership

Tax concerns don’t end on April 15. You want to find an adviser who is available to help you year-round. This is especially important if you’re dealing with IRS collections or auditing, as a qualified adviser can represent you in proceedings.

Encino Tax Advisors can answer your tax questions and help you with preparations. With the right assistance, you can understand and resolve even complex tax issues.