What Are the Benefits of Taxes?

February 28, 2020

It’s understandable if you do not enjoy paying your income taxes. For one thing, the process can be unnecessarily complicated and frustrating. Filing entirely by yourself, with no third-party help whatsoever, requires a good deal of research. Thankfully, because of Los Angeles Tax Preparation services and other groups, the experience is more bearable than it otherwise would be.

It also helps to understand the benefits of taxes, including income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes and the like. They do exist for an ultimately noble aim.

Roads, Schools, Social Security, Government Services and More

The biggest benefits of taxes are how they improve the world around you at relatively little personal expense. Because of taxes, you have driveable roads, decent public school options and a variety of social services. Taxes fund these types of efforts:

• Social Security
• National defense
• Military spending
• Medicare
• Government retirement programs
• Education
• Libraries
• Hospitals
• Police
• Firefighters
• Parks

As Encino Tax Consultants explain, your taxes fund a staggering array of programs. You may not agree with all of them, and that’s OK. You still benefit from taxes on the whole.

It’s true that the impact of these taxes varies. For example, public schools are not created equally. They’re funded in part by property taxes, putting schools in lower-income neighborhoods at a disadvantage. However, people do benefit from the many types of taxes. Suppose individuals were responsible for building and maintaining their own roads, transporting loved ones to the hospital in a medical emergency, educating their own children and everything else that taxes cover. These endeavors are out of most people’s financial reach.

Equal Access to Many Resources

Taxes are a way for people to “pool” their money to develop and maintain local, state and national resources. These resources become affordable for virtually everyone, whereas they would not have been otherwise. For more clarification or tax questions, turn to professionals such as Encino tax advisors.