Payroll Tax Service Help

May 27, 2016

Business growth is a wonderful thing, with the hiring of more employees a significant part of this process. As much as you may enjoy having additional employees on staff, you may not enjoy the extra payroll work. Rather than stressing during tax season due to the significant payroll changes you’ve made in the last few years, work with the Los Angeles tax service offering comprehensive payroll assistance.

Let’s review some of the many benefits working with Wallace & Associates provides in regards to payroll tax issues:

System Development

The Los Angeles accounting firm will help you develop a high-quality system that makes preparing payroll tax returns on time a streamlined process. Use your customized system to avoid a slew of tax issues, including failure to mail returns by the necessary due date.

Tax Deposit Assistance

Wallace & Associates will gladly help you calculate tax deposits for payroll periods. They’ll also assist you in calculating tax deposits for tax returns, whether filed on a quarterly or annual basis.

Payroll Return Preparation

Your Los Angeles tax consultant provides assistance in the preparation of payroll tax returns and helps process tax payment.

Time Saved

The decision to hire the tax service allows you to dedicate more time to what’s important: running your business. You’ll avoid long nighttime hours slaving over payroll information when you should be resting and preparing for the next business day. You’ll get the extra time you need during tax season to focus on other things rather than spending it stressing over completing forms in time.

Accurate Returns

Working with the Los Angeles tax consultant means enjoying highly accurate returns. You won’t face penalties and possible audits for tax errors, as errors are common among those not well versed in the tax form process.

For more on payroll tax preparation assistance in Los Angeles, please contact Wallace & Associates today.