The Fastest Way to Get Your Tax Refund

Are you ready for tax season? While stressful, filing your taxes has one big positive: Getting a refund. With the help of Encino tax consultants, you can get a sizable refund to put towards debt, bills or a well-deserved vacation. Of course, you want to get your money as fast as possible. Fortunately, there are [...]

What Is the Difference Between Real Estate Taxes and Property Taxes?

While the terms real estate taxes and property taxes are often used interchangeably, they actually refer to different types of taxes. Learn more about how each of these items may affect you or your business, then seek advice from experienced Encino tax advisors. The Facts About Real Estate Tax Real estate taxes, sometimes mistakenly referred [...]

How Does an Offer in Compromise Work?

If you owe federal taxes you are unable to pay, you may be able to qualify for an offer in compromise. With this type of arrangement, the IRS agrees to settle your tax debt for less than the total amount you owe. Encino tax consultants can help you prepare an offer that meets the IRS [...]

What Is Sin Tax Law?

Sin tax laws establish taxes for certain “sinful”; items, such as alcohol, tobacco, soft drinks, junk food and gambling. Businesses who sell these items must collect sin tax from their customers and remit this amount to their state or municipality depending on local laws. Encino tax consultants can help California companies ensure that they are [...]

What Are the Benefits of Taxes?

It’s understandable if you do not enjoy paying your income taxes. For one thing, the process can be unnecessarily complicated and frustrating. Filing entirely by yourself, with no third-party help whatsoever, requires a good deal of research. Thankfully, because of Los Angeles Tax Preparation services and other groups, the experience is more bearable than it [...]

Who Has to File a Tax Return?

Each year as tax season rolls around millions of Americans ask themselves if they really need to file. Maybe they didn’t make quite enough to do so or fall under a special exemption. This area of tax law can be a tricky minefield, so it’s best to take your questions to Encino Tax Advisors who [...]

Do I Have to File for Taxes if My Income is Low?

In the huge majority of cases, you don’t need to file a federal return if you have no income or if your income falls under IRS minimums. Exceptions do apply. For example, if you’re self-employed and have an income of at least $400, you need to pay taxes and file. The IRS adjusts the minimum [...]

What Are Tax Deductions?

Whether you do taxes solo or with the help of Encino tax advisors, it helps to understand terms such as adjusted gross income, credits, deductions, dependents, itemized deductions, standard deductions and much more. Here’s a look at tax deductions, which relate to several of these terms. Overview of Tax Deductions Tax deductions lower your taxable [...]

What Is Enterprise Zone Credit?

If you run a business in California, you may be wondering about Enterprise Zone Credits. These tax credits are special opportunities offered through the Enterprise Zone Program. Created in 1984, this program can be a lucrative draw for businesses. However, taking full advantage can be challenging. If you are running a business in Encino, California, [...]

How To File Taxes After Declaring Bankruptcy

When you’re mired in debt, bankruptcy may be the only solution. However, such a move can drastically affect your future finances, including tax filing. Taxes are complicated in the best situation, but filing after bankruptcy may require Los Angeles tax preparation services to ensure you’re meeting all your obligations. If you’re filing for the first [...]