5 Reasons to Hire A Tax Consultant

Navigating taxes can be challenging for anyone. It is subsequently in the best interest of many people to work with tax consultants. Here, review why scheduling services with your Encino tax consultants is worth it.  Expert Advice A professional tax consultant typically enjoys years of experience and offers customized advice to each client to help [...]

4 Tax Tips To Use Every Year

While some tax tips pertain to the specific year, many are universal and should be applied every tax season. Review tips your Encino tax consultants recommend using each year to streamline the process and avoid errors that cost time and money.  Research Every Possible Deduction Ensure you take advantage of all deductions that apply to [...]

Real Estate Tax FAQ

Generally speaking, you must pay taxes on any property you own. If you’re a new property owner paying real estate taxes for the first time, get answers to common questions to help your efforts. You may want to consult your Los Angeles accounting firm to ensure all forms are error-free.  Are Deductions Available?  It is [...]

5 IRS Audit Triggers To Keep In Mind

The Internal Revenue Service issues audits for many reasons, most of which are easy to avoid. Take a moment to learn about some of the most common IRS audit reasons, and consider working with your Encino tax consultants to stay out of the audit zone in future tax seasons.  Too Many Charitable Donations If your [...]

Why Bookkeeping Services Are More Essential Than Ever in the Wake of COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused businesses throughout the country to rethink their finances and make changes to hopefully stay afloat. And while this has included cutting unnecessary services, professional bookkeeping should not be among them. Learn why bookkeeping assistance from your local accounting service in Los Angeles should remain a priority.  You’ll Learn Where to Spend & [...]

Frequently Asked Questions About LLCs

A limited liability company, or LLC, is a type of legal business entity. If you are considering LLC creation, learn more about them here to determine if the business option is right for you. And remember, your local Los Angeles accounting service is here to help you with your LLC needs.  Am I a Candidate [...]

Why Should You Consider Payroll Services?

Large businesses are not the only ones that benefit from outsourced payroll services. They provide just as many advantages to small and medium-sized businesses, all of which contribute to more efficient and money-conscious enterprises. Learn why you should consider hiring your Los Angeles accounting service to assist your payroll activities.  Improved Accuracy Adding payroll services [...]

What You Need to Know About IRS Installment Agreements

When you cannot pay your taxes in full, the Internal Revenue Service provides payment plan options. Known as installment agreements, they allow you to pay your taxes in monthly increments. Learn what your Encino tax consultants want you to know about installment agreements before moving forward with a payment plan.  Guaranteed Installment Agreements & Individual [...]

Do You Need a Will If You Have a Living Trust?

Wills and living trusts are among the most important estate planning documents an individual can create. Yet does one cancel out the other? Take a moment to learn about wills and living trusts, and why you may need both to create a solid estate plan with help from your Los Angeles accounting service.  What a [...]

Bankruptcy Tax FAQ

When you owe past due taxes and other debts you cannot pay, declaring bankruptcy with the assistance of a Los Angeles accounting firm provides financial relief. If you are thinking of filing for bankruptcy or already have and are wondering about your taxes, review answers to common questions to help determine what’s right for you.  [...]