A Quick Guide to Tax Deductions For Boaters

If you own a watercraft, you might be entitled to tax deductions depending on how you use it. Rather than missing out on deductions that can lower your income taxes this year, review write-offs your Los Angeles accounting service wants you to know about.  If You Use the Boat For Business Purposes Perhaps you engage [...]

4 Tips For Stress-Free Tax Filing

Tax season can cause serious stress, especially if you think you owe money. If you’re about to do your taxes and are feeling nervous, take a moment to breathe. Use these tips from your Encino tax consultants to streamline the process as much as possible.  File Early If You Can The more time you give [...]

What Tax Breaks Are Students Entitled To?

Students enjoy tax break eligibility in numerous ways, such as through tax credits. If you started or continued your education in the last year, there’s tax information your Los Angeles accounting firm wants you to know about.  Education Tax Credits Two tax credits are available to students who qualify. One is the American Opportunity Credit [...]

A Quick Guide to Deducting Moving Expenses

It’s possible to deduct moving expenses from your income taxes if the relocation was work-related. The move must also pass the IRS’s “distance and time tests” to qualify. If you moved within the past year for work, review what your accountant service in Los Angeles wants you to know about potential deductions.  Qualifications To deduct [...]

5 More Tax Write-Offs For LLCs

As an LLC, or limited liability company, you’re entitled to a variety of deductions that reduce income tax payments. Review five more of the most common deductions your Los Angeles accounting firm wants you to know about.  Charitable Deductions Deduct donations to various charities to lower your payment. As long as they do not exceed [...]

5 Tax Deductions For LLCs, Part One

If your limited liability corporation, or LLC, made a profit this year, there’s a number of tax deductions you’re entitled to. Learn about some of the major deductions your Encino tax consultants want you to know about before tackling your taxes this April.  Startup Costs Since making money requires spending money, you can deduct all [...]

5 Bookkeeping Resolutions To Keep in the New Year

No matter the size of your business, the right bookkeeping strategy prevents a wide range of headaches. It ensures you have the documentation necessary for tax season, helps avoid overspending, and provides peace of mind among numerous other benefits. If you’re still making your resolutions for the new year, review what your Encino tax consultants [...]

5 Tax Resolutions For the New Year

While doing your taxes probably isn’t your favorite thing, there are plenty of ways to make the process less complicated. If you’re still making resolutions for the new year, review those concerning your taxes. Your Los Angeles accounting service recommends these “resolutions” to streamline tax time.  Organize All Tax Documents Dedicate a file exclusively to [...]

4 Tips For Organizing Your Receipts

Receipts are a tax time essential because they provide proof of expenses. If past tax seasons have included searching frantically for old receipts, use this guide from your Los Angeles accounting service to organize this year’s receipts easily and efficiently.  Document Everything Related to Each Transaction Keep records of what the transaction entailed to simplify [...]

5 Tax Deductions For Teachers

If you are new to the teaching world, you might wonder what tax deductions apply to you. Allow your Encino tax consultants to shed light on what types of deductions you are entitled to as a teaching professional. You might be surprised and will delight in the extra money you’ll subsequently save on income taxes. [...]