Los Angeles Declares Tax Amnesty

On August 30th, the City of Los Angeles issued an announcement of a tax amnesty program for businesses which may be in arrears of their city taxes. The L.A. Office of Finance declared that the program, which it calls “business-friendly,” is designed to allow businesses to pay any back taxes that they may owe without [...]

2014 income Tax Brackets Preview

In these sensitive days, when every single person in the United States seems to know and have an opinion on the current level of taxes in our country, it’s good news to find that there might actually be some savings ahead for many of us. Every year, after the Consumer Price Data is released for [...]

How the Federal Government Shutdown Affects California

While the Republicans and the Democrats battle it out in Washington, DC, we are now starting week 3 of the federal government in shutdown, and its effects are rippling throughout the country. Here’s some ways the shutdown is affecting California in particular: Farmers and Growers Government agencies have suspended timber harvesting in 150 National Forests, [...]

Tax Q & A for Struggling Homeowners

Many people have found themselves in financial distress because of the recent recession, and if you’re a homeowner, you have a special set of problems. If you  have questions about your house and the tax implications, we can help. What is “Debt Forgiveness”? In the past, if you had a debt that you were unable [...]

Tax Implications of the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, is a confusing and frightening topic for many people who have only heard political scare-tactic sound-bites. The fact that the government is still fighting over it, and it is supposed to begin in just a few short months, has many people concerned and frustrated. Fortunately, there is [...]

Tax Answers for Expanding Your Small Business

If you’re like many unemployed people affected by the recent recession, you may have branched out on your own, and started a business. Perhaps you have worked as a sole proprietor, and it’s now time to add some employees. If so, congratulations for your success! And if you  are wondering about the impact on your [...]

What is The True Cost of The Shadow Economy in The US – Infographic

A tough economy is usually bad news for everyone. The last five years have witnessed an incredible sag in the vitality of the global market, and countless efforts have been made to try and get things back on track so that people can go back to work and businesses can once more see profits. But [...]

Higher Taxes in CA = No Catastrophe

Earlier this year, the California legislature bucked the common thinking and raised taxes on its highest wage-earners, along with increasing several other taxes. And contrary to popular belief and extremely loud opposition at the time, the state has not fallen into the economic disaster that was predicted. New Taxes in 2013 Among the taxes that [...]

Tax Answers for Job-Related Situations

If you’re struggling with financial troubles, maybe job-related issues, and are wondering about their impact on your tax situation, we can help.   I was laid off from my job, and I received a lump-sum severance payout. Is it taxable? Yes, it is taxable. And to add insult to injury, that lump-sum payment can really [...]

California Startups are Struggling because of California Taxation?

The California legislature may have just taken another step toward remedying a terrible mistake that the Franchise Tax Board made earlier this year, but in this case, it could be too little, too late, for the state’s reputation as a nurturing and caring space for new businesses. What Happened to California Startups? Last year, a [...]