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Tax Subsidies and Tax Exempt Status of The Rich and Famous

In this time of deep political division in our country, when half the people are calling for increased taxes on the “wealthy” and half are calling for no tax increases but significant spendingcuts, it’s prudent to sit back and take a few moments to regain some perspective. We should all agree that everyone must pay [...]

What Can You Claim Back on Taxes When You Are Self-Employed?

If you work from home, either as a consultant to other businesses or as a fully self-employed person, there are a lot of things that you can claim back on taxes as expenses in order to reduce your taxable income.   In order to be ready at tax time, and just to be sure that [...]

5 Tips for Lowering Your Tax Bill By the End of the Year

It is your obligation to pay your income taxes every year to the IRS, but it is not your obligation to pay any more than necessary. There are many legal ways to lower your tax obligation.  Even now, this close to the end of the year, there are still steps that can be taken to [...]

Don’t Make These 8 Tax Filing Mistakes

 When it comes to filing your taxes, pretty much everyone is afraid that at some point they will make a mistake that will bring the wrath of the IRS down on them in the form of the dreaded audit.  The good news is, tax preparation software is so inexpensive and ubiquitous these days that most [...]

Sales Tax Holidays – Hype or Help?

Every year, usually around August for the back-to-school sales period, many states begin issuing their “sales tax holidays” for a couple of days, making a few select items sales-tax-exempt in order to promote spending and to offer a small break for cash-strapped consumers. The holidays are occasionally offered during other time periods as well. Some [...]

The Difference in California Income Tax for a Single Person vs a Dual-Income Married Couple?

For many years, people have complained about the “marriage penalty” that is inherent in many income tax calculations, but what does the term actually mean, and does it really exist? The “marriage penalty” refers to the fact that under some income tax regulations, a married couple will pay more in income taxes than would two [...]

Tax Preparers vs. Accountants

If you’ve ever struggled with preparing your own business tax return, you’ve probably considered letting someone else do it. Of course, the next question is who should you let prepare it? A professional tax preparer, an accountant, or what about your accounting savvy sister-in-law who would love to get her hands on your books? Any [...]

Appreciating Your Depreciation

As an income tax deduction, depreciation can be somewhat challenging to determine. While it enables taxpayers to obtain an allowance for the wear and tear, deterioration, or obsolescence of property purchased, it must meet specific requirements in the eyes of the IRS. For example, the property must be used in business or in an income-producing [...]

What You Need to Know about the Saver’s Credit

Thanks to the IRS’s Saver’s Credit, you may now be able to take advantage of a tax credit to help you save for retirement. Formerly known as the Retirement Savings Contributions Credit, the Saver’s Credit applies to individuals with the following filing status/income combinations: Single, married filing separately, or qualifying widow(er), with income up to [...]

The International Tax Gap: What Is It?

Not many individuals are aware of the international tax gap, but the IRS has had a long history with trying to close it.  The international tax gap at its simplest is a gap between those that should be paying taxes, and those that actually are. The historic problem the IRS has faced is how to [...]

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