What’s the difference between a CPA and a CMA? Your Los Angeles CPA firm is happy to explain the difference so you may better understand what type of accounting services you require. Check it out: CPA A CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, is widely considered the most popular accounting accreditation. CPAs handle tasks such as [...]

Benefits Of Using Professional Tax Preparation Services

There are many benefits to working with professional tax preparation services in Los Angeles, such as those available through Wallace & Associates. If you are considering working with the Los Angeles accounting firm this tax season but are still weighing your options, check out some of the many benefits of “going pro”: Reduction In Errors [...]

Courtesy CPA Consultation

Wallace & Associates is one of the accounting firms in Los Angeles offering courtesy CPA (Certified Public Accountant) consultations to new clients. Whatever your reason for requiring a CPA consultation, count on this Los Angeles CPA firm to help you obtain what you need. Let’s review some of the many services available through Wallace & [...]

Free CPA Advice

In need of financial advice from a certified public account? Utilize the talents found at one of the best CPA firms in Los Angeles, Wallace & Associates. The celebrated CPA firm offers free initial CPA consultations to all potential clients, as well as the comprehensive, professional services the Los Angeles agency is known for. Let’s [...]

CPA Requirements

Interested in becoming a CPA, or Certified Public Accountant? Then learn from the top Los Angeles accounting firm renowned for its many outstanding tax and accountant services–Wallace & Associates. A lot goes into being a CPA, which is defined as an accountant who has passed the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination, and met requirements based [...]

International Income Taxation Code and Regulations

When you have to claim foreign earned income, it’s essential to understand the code and regulations involved. Your Los Angeles tax consultant through Wallace & Associates will be happy to help you gain a deeper knowledge of international income taxation code and regulations to avoid costly mistakes and issues with the Internal Revenue Service. Taxpayers [...]

International Income Tax Rates

Tax rates of all kinds differ depending on the country you’re living in, and income taxes are no exception. If planning on moving to another country and becoming a citizen within the next few years, whether for business or pleasure, it’s a good idea to research income tax rates first. Your Encino tax consultants are [...]

Affordable Care Act – What To Expect This Tax Season

Tips for Navigating Affordable Care Act compliance this tax season. The Affordable Care Act, known popularly as Obamacare, will be the focus of a lot of concerns for 2015 individual and business income tax return filing. We’d like to offer you the following information about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and what that means when [...]

Los Angeles County Business Property Tax Statement – Form 571-L

If you’ve received a 571-L form in the mail and had over $100,000 in assets last year, that’s an indication that you are required to file a Business Property Statement (Form 571-L) for the county where your business is physically located. Filing Form 571-L constitutes an official declaration of all assessable business property situated in [...]

Filing Year-End Information Forms (1099s)

The reporting requirements for the various governmental agencies can be overwhelming, and, at the end of the calendar year, it seems much worse.  One of the year-end documents required to be prepared is Form 1099. Individuals, partnerships (including LLP and LLC’s), corporations, or other organizations engaged in a trade or business (including rental property) are [...]