Tips for Avoiding IRS Scams

IRS scams are unfortunately more commonplace than you think and unsurprisingly occur the most during tax season. Help yourself avoid them with the following tips from the Internal Revenue Agency and your Los Angeles tax consultants. How The IRS Communicates The IRS mainly communicates with taxpayers via regular mail delivered by the United States Postal [...]

Gift Tax FAQs

Gift tax is defined as tax on a person who gives money or property to another individual. The IRS describes a gift as “any transfer to an individual, either directly or indirectly, where full consideration (measured in money or money’s worth) is not received in return.” If you plan on giving a friend or family [...]

Donald Trump’s Proposed Tax Plan: Estate Plan Edition

Donald Trump has proposed a tax plan based on four — rather than seven — tax brackets. Individual tax rates currently have a ceiling and floor of 39.6 and 10 percent, respectively. Learn about this plan in terms of estate tax before reviewing your options with your Los Angeles tax consultant. Elimination Of Alternative Minimum [...]

How To Prepare For An Audit

The word “audit” causes even the calmest person to have a moment of panic. If you are in the process of being audited, use the following tips from your Los Angeles tax advisors to ensure everything is as streamlined and seamless as possible. Delay The Audit Request a delay if you do not have all [...]

Estate Sale Buying Tips

Estate sales are defined as large home sales that typically occur when someone passes away or moves. If you are preparing to attend an upcoming estate sale, keep the following tips in mind before setting foot on the property. They will help you ensure what you want is what you walk away with. Attend The [...]

Short Sale Buying Tips: What You Need to Know

A short sale is defined as a real estate sale where the proceeds are less than the lien or liens against the property. The lien holders must agree to accept less money as debt payment for the sale to go through. If you have your eye on a short sale property, review the following tips [...]

Missed The Tax Deadline? 3 Important Reasons to File Now

Missing the April 18th tax deadline can occur for any number of reasons, including those as simple as getting the date wrong. No matter your reason, it is important to file as soon as possible. Doing so sidesteps a number of issues and provides several benefits. Review three reasons to work with your Los Angeles [...]

Estate Sale FAQ

An estate sale, or a tag sale, is defined as liquidation of a property’s contents. Reasons for such sales include moving, death of a family member, combining households, and downsizing. Think of an estate sale as a grand garage sale consisting of all or most of the items in a house. If you feel an [...]

Common Tax Filing Mistakes Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of exploration into common tax filing mistakes. Use the following information to help yourself avoid problems that plague many during tax season so you can file on time with peace of mind. Mistake #4: Forgetting To Organize Organize your records before you begin the filing process, whether you are working with [...]

Common Tax Filing Mistakes Part One

As Tax Day draws closer, many are scrambling to get their taxes in on time. Rather than making one or a few errors because you are in a terrible rush, slow down and review the following common mistakes that occur when filing. Mistake #1: Not Reviewing New Tax Guidelines Help yourself turn in correct tax [...]