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ProfitCents Reviews

ProfitCents is used all over the United States by thousands of tax professionals, including the Encino tax consultants at Wallace & Associates. The financial analysis software is powered by Sageworks, an award-winning financial information company specializing in risk management and loan portfolio solutions to private companies, financial institutions, and accounting firms. If considering use of [...]

Payroll Tax Service Help

Business growth is a wonderful thing, with the hiring of more employees a significant part of this process. As much as you may enjoy having additional employees on staff, you may not enjoy the extra payroll work. Rather than stressing during tax season due to the significant payroll changes you’ve made in the last few [...]

Sales Tax Service Help

Filing sales tax returns is increasingly challenging, and subsequently a process that benefits greatly from professional assistance. Your Los Angeles tax preparation service offers comprehensive sales tax service, as many of their clients must collect and submit sales taxes in a number of different areas. Let’s take a closer look at what sales tax filing [...]

IRS Audit Consequences

Many factors contribute to an IRS audit, including large business expenses and charitable deductions, cash receipt concealment, complicated investment and business transactions, and inaccurate 1099 and W-9 reporting among others. Understanding what triggers an audit, what your rights are during an audit, and the potential consequences are all imperative in avoiding future issues with the [...]

IRS Audit Experience

The words “IRS audit” result in feelings of fear and anxiety in most. The IRS selects about one in 100 tax returns to endure the audit process, though the agency itself notes some who go through this process enjoy refunds. Your Encino tax consultants at Wallace & Associates stress it is very possible to survive [...]

IRS Audit Help

Hearing or reading the words “IRS audit” in association with your name is never pleasant. However, there are plenty of tips and advice surrounding how to “beat” an audit, and avoid lengthy battles with the federal agency. Review a few tips concerning IRS audits from the experienced Los Angeles tax consultants at Wallace & Associates: [...]

IRS Audit Process

The words “IRS audit” are enough to strike fear into even the bravest of souls. The IRS defines an audit as the “review or examination of an organization or individual’s financial information and accounts to ensure information is reported correctly” in accordance with tax laws. An audit verifies the “amount of tax reported” is indeed [...]

Individual vs. Corporate Tax Preparation

Should you prepare your federal and state taxes yourself, or hire a professional tax service? Tax preparation services are readily available through the Los Angeles tax consultants at Wallace & Associates, who offer knowledge of latest tax laws and practices necessary to proper form completion. Let’s review what goes into individual tax preparation, as well [...]

Your Los Angeles Tax Consultant

April 15 is almost here, with many scrambling to get their taxes done in time. Rather than blindly filling out tax forms and hoping for the best, work with the company that gauges its worth “by the personal and business successes” of their clients. Wallace & Associates is your Los Angeles tax advisor, and provides [...]

Accounting Software Selection And Implementation

One of the many Los Angeles tax consultant services available through Wallace & Associates is accounting software selection and implantation. The right accounting software offers immeasurable help to any company, and makes it that much easier to focus on what’s important: business operation. The Los Angeles CPA firm is always happy to help clients choose [...]

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