Estate Sale FAQ

An estate sale, or a tag sale, is defined as liquidation of a property’s contents. Reasons for such sales include moving, death of a family member, combining households, and downsizing. Think of an estate sale as a grand garage sale consisting of all or most of the items in a house. If you feel an [...]

Common Tax Filing Mistakes Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of exploration into common tax filing mistakes. Use the following information to help yourself avoid problems that plague many during tax season so you can file on time with peace of mind. Mistake #4: Forgetting To Organize Organize your records before you begin the filing process, whether you are working with [...]

Common Tax Filing Mistakes Part One

As Tax Day draws closer, many are scrambling to get their taxes in on time. Rather than making one or a few errors because you are in a terrible rush, slow down and review the following common mistakes that occur when filing. Mistake #1: Not Reviewing New Tax Guidelines Help yourself turn in correct tax [...]

Last-Minute Tax Tips

Tax Day 2017 is almost here, and if you have not filed your documents yet, use the following last-minute tips to ensure everything is correct for the 2016 tax season. Remember to take your time to sidestep “silly” errors that end up causing trouble with the IRS. Report Everything Unless income from assorted employers is [...]

Haven’t Filed Your Taxes Yet? What You Need To Know

If you haven’t filed your taxes for 2016 yet and are wondering if there is anything new you should know about, read on. The Internal Revenue Service outlined what you need to know for the 2016 tax season to avoid complications and headaches. Use the following tips to ensure proper tax filing: Individual Tax Identification [...]

International Tax Tips For U.S. Citizens Living Overseas

If you are a U.S. citizen living overseas, you are not exempt from filing your taxes. Keep the following international tax tips in mind to avoid problems with the tax agency. Tax Return Due Date Your tax return due date is extended to June 15th if you live outside of the United States and its [...]

ObamaCare Tax Tips: What Small Businesses Need To Know

April 15th will be here soon enough, with many businesses scrambling to complete their tax forms. The creation of ObamaCare, or the Affordable Care Act, changed the way both businesses and individuals did their taxes. If you are a small business with under 50 employees, review what your Encino tax consultants want you to know [...]

Short Sale Tax Tips

A short sale is defined as selling a property for less than is owed on the mortgage or mortgages. It must be approved by the seller’s lender because the sale will not cover all of the money owed. The unpaid balance following a short sale is referred to as a deficiency. The lender can forgive [...]

What Is Enterprise Zone Credit

Enterprise Zone is defined as a specific geographical area designated by the federal government or other governmental body. Businesses within the geographical area are eligible for tax benefits, financial aid, and other incentives. Enterprise Zone credit assistance is one of many services available through your Los Angeles tax preparation service. If you are contemplating opening [...]

Little-Known Tax Tips

Help yourself through tax season by working with your Encino tax consultants and keeping the following little-known facts and tips in mind. You might find you are eligible for many more tax credits and deductions than you realize. Charitable Donation Transportation Deductions It is common knowledge that charitable donations are tax-deductible. However, many do not [...]