Thanksgiving: How to Donate and Get Tax Deductions

While Thanksgiving is undoubtedly a time of giving, it can also be a time of receiving. Before spending time with friends and family this November, make sure you schedule some time with a Los Angeles tax specialist to learn whether any donations you make to food banks and charitable organizations are tax deductible. Do Your [...]

Energy Efficient Improvements to Save this Fall

Making your home more energy efficient is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your wallet as well. That being said, a Los Angeles tax specialist can tell you that some improvements are better than others in terms of your taxes and overall savings. Conduct an Energy Audit To truly save as much [...]

Our Guide to Health Insurance Open Enrollment

If you don’t have health insurance or would like to make changes to your current insurance policy, you will be pleased to learn that it’s time for open enrollment. While it might not seem like it makes much sense to turn to a Los Angeles tax specialist to help you find the right health insurance [...]

Can I Write Off Parking Tickets if I Drive For a Living?

If you use your car to make a living, you need to get the most on your taxes. It doesn’t matter if you drive for a ride-sharing service, make deliveries or use your car in your business, you should take the maximum deductions. A Los Angeles tax specialist can help you understand which deductions you’re [...]

Tax Credits That Can Boost Your Tax Return

Filing your taxes can take time and be very stressful. Tax laws change every year, and much of the tax preparation is spent trying to understand the deductions and credits for which you qualify. Instead of spending the average 30 hours it takes to prepare and file your taxes, turn to an Encino tax advisor [...]

Tax Reliefs for Hurricane Harvey and Irma

The United States has seen a lot of devastation this year due to hurricanes. People in the affected areas have more to think about than their taxes, but many tax deadlines are coming up. It can be worrisome to consider late fees and interest on your owed taxes when not filed on time. If your [...]

3 Tips to Help You Save This Fall

The expenses of fall are often more than anticipated. It’s not only school supplies and clothes for the kids, but fall festivals, football games and holidays. Your pocketbook can really take a hit this season. Here are three things you can do to reduce your expenses and put some money away for a rainy day. [...]

Do You Qualify for the Saver’s Credit?

Death and taxes. We’ve all been told that those are the only two inevitabilities in life. While you know full well that Father Time is undefeated, Uncle Sam also has a pretty impressive record when it comes to impacting your financial life. Setting aside funds to meet your annual tax liability can make saving for [...]

Forecasting Your Future in Retirement

Everyone wants to have a lot of money at their disposal when they retire, yet only 18 percent of Americans feel confident that they’ll be in such a situation when they leave the workforce. Some may tell you that rather than attempting to forecast what your retirement income may be, your efforts are better spent [...]

Including Your Travel Budget in Your Taxes

“I need a vacation.” What working professional hasn’t heard that refrain echoed off the hallways of his or her office building nearly every day? The trouble is, needing time away from work and actually being able to afford it are two entirely different things. However, whenever your will to get away is high yet your [...]