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How Do Small Business Manage Accounting?

While some people delight in tallying expenses, most small business owners find accounting to be a headache. Tracking finances can be time-consuming and complicated, not to mention frustrating when a discrepancy appears. And yet, it’s vital to the health of your company; you need to understand where the money is being made and spent in [...]

Who Can I Talk to About My Tax Questions

Taxes can be complicated, especially after the changes that went into effect in 2018. With massive penalties for underpayment or fraud, taxes are the one thing you don’t want to mess up. That means when you have questions, you need to talk to the experts. However, if you haven’t sought tax advise before, you may [...]

Do I Need an LLC to Start a Business?

One of the biggest questions asked when new business owners contact someone for Los Angeles tax preparation services is whether they need to form an LLC to start their business. This quick guide will help you determine whether you need to form an LLC and what the benefits are to doing so. The Short Answer [...]

What Can the IRS Take From You?

The tax code is very broad when it comes to its explanation of asset seizure when a tax debt goes unpaid. That’s intentional because the government has an interest in giving the IRS broad powers to collect taxes. There are some protections the taxpayer, though. Encino tax consultants will tell you the IRS cannot seize [...]

Should You File Your Own Taxes?

With the prevalence of online tax businesses and downloadable IRS-backed software, it seems easier than ever before to do your own taxes. Small businesses especially may feel they don’t need to invest in Encino tax advisors to get their quarterlies done. The real question is whether taking the task on yourself is a fruitful endeavor. [...]

Should You File Your Own Taxes?

It might seem counterintuitive, but there are things more important to a business than profit. Ask any account service in Los Angeles; there are many companies that have filed for bankruptcy while reporting high profits. The reason? Poor cash flow. Keep It Pumping Like blood flowing through your veins, excellent cash flow is indicative of [...]

How To Get Your Accounting Paperless!

With the advent of the digital age, more businesses are taking their practices paperless than ever before. Having all of your data stored virtually can be a tremendous boon since paperwork no longer has to languish in the mail and transactions can be made instantaneously.  From managing your billing to working out your finances with [...]

How To Decide Which Corporation To File Your New Business

If you’re setting your new business up as a corporation, it’s important to pick a type and pick it wisely. It’s also vital you know how different corporate classifications work, because most corporations can be described with more than one of the labels in discussion. Encino tax advisors will be able to provide you with [...]

3 Steps to Starting Your Small Business

The idea of starting a small business from scratch can be a daunting one. Many entrepreneurs want to be their own bosses, but don’t know the best way to proceed. Since money is often a big hurdle, an accountant service in Los Angeles can help you get on the right fiscal track. In addition, here [...]

What You Need To Know About the DCAA Compliance for Small Business

Small businesses drive the economy in every sector, so it’s no surprise the Department of Defense looks to them in its contracts with outside vendors, suppliers, and equipment manufacturers. If you are looking to take advantage of opportunities to grow your business through bidding on defense contracts, you need an accountant service in Los Angeles [...]

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