What Are the Three Types of Taxes?

Encino tax advisors in Los Angeles County and well-quoted judges such as Learned Hand have pointed out that there is nothing wrong with arranging your affairs so that you pay low taxes. According to the IRS, attempting “to reduce, avoid, minimize or alleviate taxes by legitimate means is permissible.” There are three basic tax types [...]

Accounting Statistics You Need To Know for 2019!

Forewarned is forearmed. It pays for a Los Angeles County business to be as well-informed as possible regarding new accounting procedures and changing tax laws as you enter 2019. A trusted Accountant service Los Angeles or Encino-based acting as a knowledgeable advisor can play a major role in a business’s success. Here a few statistics [...]

Tax Tips for the New Year

Tax season is just around the corner. When you run a business, doing taxes can be particularly challenging, but when you have a few tips under your belt, the task can be made easier. Check out these top tax tips for the new year to help you streamline the process and lower your stress levels. [...]

Key Tax Reform Changes of 2018!

With the 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, President Trump made the most extensive changes to U.S. tax law in more than thirty years. According to Encino tax consultants, here’s what taxpayers need to know about how the new law will affect their taxes this year. Changes in the Standard Deduction Previously, married couples filing [...]

How Your Bonus is Taxed

There is no question how complicated dealing with your taxes can be. You really need to understand the entire process to handle your taxes personally. However, even someone who knows what they are doing may find some complications they do not know how to tackle. For instance, if you received a bonus during the year, [...]

End of Year Tax Tips To Increase Your Tax Refund

If you want a bigger tax refund when April rolls around, it’s not too late to take steps to maximize the amount you get back. Los Angeles accounting experts recommend these four year-end tax tips to increase your IRS refund. Reconsider Your Filing Status The vast majority of married couples opt to file a joint [...]

How Changing Jobs Affect Your Taxes?

Filing your taxes is extensively tied with your job. This means that it can be confusing to file if you changed job once or twice during the year. You may be happy to hear that the process is actually quite simple. However, you still need to know what you are doing. There are numerous little [...]

Can I Claim Medical Expenses on my Taxes?

The classic question is, “Can I deduct these expenses from my taxes?” Finding all the deductions that you can is the key to saving money on your taxes, but it is absolutely a complicated and confusing process. For example, how can you know whether your medical expenses are deductible on your taxes? The truth is [...]

California Gas Tax Repeal, What You Need to Know!

As a registered voter, it is important to take advantage of your rights and go to the polls. Before casting your ballot, it is even more crucial to know the truth about the issues you vote on. Be aware of the California gas tax repeal or consult Los Angeles tax preparation services for more information [...]

Which State Has the Fairest Tax Structure?

Most people recognize taxes are necessary for the government and society to function. It is interesting to study how states tax their citizens and what constitutes a fair tax structure. Look through these findings and consult Los Angeles Tax Advisors to find out more about the taxes in California. Based on Household Income According to [...]