How to Reclaim Financial Records Destroyed In A Natural Disaster

October 15, 2020

Natural disasters such as the recent wildfires in California can have devastating consequences, including the loss of financial records. If your past tax information and other financial documents were lost because of natural disaster reasons, there are numerous ways to recover them. Review what your Encino tax consultants want you to know about document recovery to assist your efforts. 

Request Your Tax Transcripts

Retrieve back tax information by requesting your transcripts through The service is free and involves providing your Social Security Number, mailing address, filing status, and date of birth. Registering for the service also requires email account access and information such as your account number from a home equity loan or credit card. It is also possible to request your transcripts by mail, which you will receive in five to 10 business days. 

Visit Kelley’s Blue Book

Use online resources such as Kelley’s Blue Book, Edmunds, or the National Automobile Dealers Association for information about your car’s value. Such resources provide the most up-to-date information about vehicle market value. You can also contact the vehicle title company for information. 

Ask Credit Card Companies & Your Bank For Financial Statements

Obtain past bank and credit card statements by calling and making requests. If you use online banking and credit card payments, it might be possible to retrieve past statements that way. At the very least, you can take screenshots of available information. However, if you desire paper copies, you will likely have to call. 

Contact the Title Company

Get the documents related to your real estate holdings by contacting the applicable title company and asking for your information. It’s also possible to obtain property records from the bank or escrow company responsible for your mortgage. If the property was inherited, local court records provide important information, such as those concerning probate values. 

As a last resort, contact the county assessor’s office for property record information. Such offices often have information regarding property values in the county. 

If you need help organizing and maintaining financial records, contact the Los Angeles accountant service at Wallace & Associates. The Los Angeles accounting firm offers a variety of financial services, including bookkeeping and personal financial statement help.