Filing Year-End Information Forms (1099s)

The reporting requirements for the various governmental agencies can be overwhelming, and, at the end of the calendar year, it seems much worse.  One of the year-end documents required to be prepared is Form 1099. Individuals, partnerships (including LLP and LLC’s), corporations, or other organizations engaged in a trade or business (including rental property) are [...]

Los Angeles Declares Tax Amnesty

On August 30th, the City of Los Angeles issued an announcement of a tax amnesty program for businesses which may be in arrears of their city taxes. The L.A. Office of Finance declared that the program, which it calls “business-friendly,” is designed to allow businesses to pay any back taxes that they may owe without [...]

2014 income Tax Brackets Preview

In these sensitive days, when every single person in the United States seems to know and have an opinion on the current level of taxes in our country, it’s good news to find that there might actually be some savings ahead for many of us. Every year, after the Consumer Price Data is released for [...]

How the Federal Government Shutdown Affects California

While the Republicans and the Democrats battle it out in Washington, DC, we are now starting week 3 of the federal government in shutdown, and its effects are rippling throughout the country. Here’s some ways the shutdown is affecting California in particular: Farmers and Growers Government agencies have suspended timber harvesting in 150 National Forests, [...]

4th of July – The First Battle Against Unfair Taxation

Just a few days ago, a video started making its rounds of the internet, demonstrating exactly how little the American people seem to know about their own history (you can watch it here: Many don’t know from which country we declared our independence, and when the Declaration of Independence was signed. Activist and author [...]