5 Tax Deductions For Teachers

January 8, 2021

If you are new to the teaching world, you might wonder what tax deductions apply to you. Allow your Encino tax consultants to shed light on what types of deductions you are entitled to as a teaching professional. You might be surprised and will delight in the extra money you’ll subsequently save on income taxes.

School Trips

Any school trip, retreat, camp, or significant excursion can call for tax deductions. If you paid for

anything out of pocket, such as meals, accommodations, and ticket prices, add them to your

deductions list. Similar expenses can include bus, air, and train fares, as well as travel, first aid, and child care supplies.

Teaching Supplies

All teaching supplies the school did not reimburse you for become tax deductions. Perhaps you paid for erasers and pencils for the class from your own funds, or furnished other supplies such as student prizes, musical instruments, stationary, calculators, computer programs, art tools, and journals. If an item was used by you or a student that the school did not pay for, deduct it. 

Home Office Expenses

Since being a teacher usually means grading papers, tests, and other projects at home, you get to deduct residential office expenses. COVID-19 has meant teachers around the country and world are working from their homes and can therefore deduct higher amounts for expenses such as internet and utility bills. Home office deductions also include phone calls, notebooks, pens and pencils, and equipment such as new laptops, printers, and fax machines. It’s also possible to claim depreciation on older laptops and other office equipment. 


Perhaps you went back to school during the tax year to further your education and enjoy more

teaching opportunities. Your Los Angeles accounting service notes that you can deduct all self-

education costs, including college courses and continuing education classes. Training workshops, seminars, and conferences also count. 

Membership & Subscription Fees

The many fees you deal with as a teacher are all deductible. Add what you paid during the tax year for a parking permit, as well as all fees for union membership, teacher’s registration, professional membership(s), and magazine or journal subscriptions.
Discuss other potential deductions with Wallace & Associates, your L.A. accountant service.