5 Tax Deductions For Musicians

June 18, 2021

If you write “musician” as your job on your taxes, you are entitled to a variety of deductions. Take a moment to review deductions for musicians you might not know about to avoid paying unnecessary income taxes. And remember, your Encino tax consultants are here to help you prepare your documents. 

Home Studio

Your home studio is essentially your home office, and therefore deduction-applicable. Calculating the deduction requires determining the studio’s square footage and your house’s square footage to figure out what percentage applies. The percentage you come up with covers everything to do with maintaining the studio, including the rent or mortgage fee, insurance, utilities, and repairs. 

Music Gear & Equipment

All instruments, cables, microphones, music boxes, PA systems, and home studio hardware are tax-deductible, as is any software you use to record and produce music. Gear such as guitar straps and picks also apply, as do cleaning supplies used to maintain the instruments. The IRS allows musicians and other independent contractors to write off up to $500,000 in equipment costs. 


The meals you paid for in connection to your business offer deduction possibilities. Perhaps you routinely buy lunch for session musicians who work in your home studio, or purchase meals for fellow musicians you’re interviewing for tours. Maybe you regularly buy meals from the venues you play at. The IRS provides a 50% deduction for work-related meals. 

Vehicle Expenses

Your Los Angeles accountants recommend expensing vehicle costs if you use your car, van, or truck for gig-related travel. Write off gas, tolls, and vehicle maintenance to save money on income taxes. If your vehicle features your name or that of your band, the decals or paint you used are also deductible. 

Music Events

If you routinely attend concerts and similar music events for learning or scouting purposes, they become tax-deductible. Write off transportation, ticket, and parking costs, as well as any meals you purchase during events. You might also be able to deduct merchandise if you bought it with the intent of signing an artist. 

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