4 Tax Write-Offs For Dog Walkers & Sitters

May 14, 2021

If you work as an independent dog walker and pet sitter, you are a sole proprietor entitled to tax deductions. Review deductions your Los Angeles accounting service wants you to know about to pay less on Tax Day. 

Dog Treats & Other Supplies

Dog supplies you pay for throughout the year count as tax deductions, such as treats, waste bags, leashes and harnesses, booties, raincoats, and tennis balls. Any toys you purchase for your four-legged employees to play with count too, as do any “meals” you buy for the dog on walks, such as cheese at the local dairy shop. If it was purchased for the canines you watch, it functions as a deduction. 

Bike or Car Expenses

Perhaps you rely on your bike, motorized or not, to get to and from your dog walking and sitting appointments. Maybe you use a vespa or similar vehicle, or drive your car to pick up the Rovers and Fidos in your life. The maintenance money you spend on your chosen mode of transportation is a tax write-off, as is any gasoline and tolls if applicable. Should you take public transportation to make it to appointments on time, keep track of what you spend to write it off your taxes. 

Walking Shoes 

Walking dogs requires investing in comfortable, supportive walking shoes. Those shoes are supplies you use to do your job, meaning they are deductible. If you go through several pairs of footwear throughout the year to help doggy friends get their exercise, you’ll enjoy extra savings at tax time. 

Phone Bill

Your Encino tax consultants emphasize that your phone bill provides a deduction opportunity since you use it to book and confirm appointments. You will only be able to deduct a portion of your annual phone expenses unless you use the device exclusively for business. Any accessories that make your job easier, such as a Bluetooth device or protective casing, provide deduction options as well. If you bought your phone during the last tax year or lease it, those expenses are partially deductible too. 
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