4 Reasons To Consider IRS Audit Representation

September 25, 2020

It’s easy to let panic set in when you receive a notification about an IRS audit. Remember to take deep breaths, as sometimes the agency issues audits randomly. Here, review reasons to request professional IRS audit representation from your Los Angeles accounting service

Ensures You Furnish All the Right Documents

Your IRS audit representative makes certain you provide the documents the IRS asks for only. There is no need to furnish additional documents from back tax years. While this can seem like a good idea because it proves you are a tax-paying citizen, providing extra documents can actually backfire. The agent investigating your case might decide to dig deeper and potentially identify more discrepancies, something your representative will help you avoid. 

Prevents Accidentally “Oversharing” 

When you hire an audit representative, you get to relax knowing the individual will speak for you. Much like providing too many documents, it is easy to overshare during audit interviews because of anxiety and nervousness. The right representative answers all questions regarding your case succinctly and never provides more information than necessary. Those who offer such services have years of experience with audit interviews and subsequently know exactly what to say. 

Provides Peace of Mind

Working with a professional representative from your accountant service in Los Angeles offers invaluable peace of mind. There is no need to worry about providing wrong or insufficient evidence backing your claim, or sitting through audit interviews that seem to last far too long. With pro assistance, the likelihood of an audit withdrawal increases. 

Helps Avoid Future Issues

If you decide to continue utilizing tax consulting services, you’ll avoid future problems with the IRS. All of your income will get reported accurately, and all write-offs will be included to avoid paying more than you need to. You will also not have to worry about completing tax documents or calculating what you owe incorrectly. Everything gets handled by your tax pro to keep the IRS from sending letters that incite heart palpitations. 

Work with the Encino tax consultants at Wallace & Associates for IRS audit representation, tax consulting and preparation, and any additional accounting assistance you require.