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Hollywood was built on the success of the film industry, but glitz and glamour will get you nowhere if you’re not making smart financial decisions. Wallace & Associates provides tax planning, tax preparation, payroll tax, financial analysis, and other tools for your individual or business needs.

Making the Most of Your Money

Navigating state and federal tax laws is like walking through a maze. Without a guide, you’re going to lose out on some of the tax credits, tax deductions, and tax planning strategies that are available to you. Wallace & Associates offers a team of experienced accountants who are ready to put your personal wealth and your business revenue to work. Our business is built on getting results for people just like you. We focus on:

  • Accuracy. Good bookkeeping is built on accurate financial recording and reporting. We’ll analyze your accounting system, help you correct inaccuracies, and set up accounting workflows for precise record keeping.
  • Timeliness. Sometimes, when you pay for something is just as important as classifying the transaction. We’ll analyze your revenues and expenditures to make sure that your cash flow is working with the rhythm of your business.
  • Collections. Our accountants can analyze your receivables to help you decrease your collection time and reduce bad debt expense.
  • Budgeting. We’ll help you fund the expansion and maintenance of your business while finding ways to minimize spending. We can also help you analyze the tax consequences of capital expenditures and real estate purchases.
  • Reporting and payment. Our accountants will ensure that your taxes and financial statements are produced and filed on time. We’ll also help you remit your sales taxes and process your payroll.
  • Security. If you’re running a sole proprietorship or partnership, we can help you to set up a corporation or form an LLC so that your personal assets stay safe during business disputes.
  • Accountability. Smart controls and regular audits ensure accuracy and reduce the chance of fraud. Our accountants are here to help you anticipate and manage risks in a volatile marketplace.

Tax Incentives for Film

The state of California recognizes how much the motion picture industry gives to the economy. That’s why California offers some of the best film tax incentives anywhere in the world. Wallace & Associates can ensure that your team, whether you’re creating a studio-financed film or an independent movie, takes advantage of the film tax incentives Hollywood needs for job creation.

When a film has studio backing, you get access to all of the studio’s resources, including personnel, equipment, and financial advice. When you’re on your own—well, you’re on your own. With help from Wallace & Associates, you can take advantage of all available film production incentives.

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Whether you’re just starting a business or expanding your company into a global operation, Wallace & Associates can help you take the next step in your journey. When you trust your accounting needs to us, you know that someone is always looking out for your interests. Contact us today to set up a tax planning consultation.