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Do You Qualify for the Saver’s Credit?

Death and taxes. We’ve all been told that those are the only two inevitabilities in life. While you know full well that Father Time is undefeated, Uncle Sam also has a pretty impressive record when it comes to impacting your financial life. Setting aside funds to meet your annual tax liability can make saving for [...]

Forecasting Your Future in Retirement

Everyone wants to have a lot of money at their disposal when they retire, yet only 18 percent of Americans feel confident that they’ll be in such a situation when they leave the workforce. Some may tell you that rather than attempting to forecast what your retirement income may be, your efforts are better spent [...]

Including Your Travel Budget in Your Taxes

“I need a vacation.” What working professional hasn’t heard that refrain echoed off the hallways of his or her office building nearly every day? The trouble is, needing time away from work and actually being able to afford it are two entirely different things. However, whenever your will to get away is high yet your [...]

See How Uncle Sam Wants You to Go Green

With every annual springtime trek to your local Encino tax consultants comes the renewed search for credits and deductions that will help to reduce your tax liability. No one wants to pay Uncle Sam any more than they have to, which is why even though attempting to understand all of the various forms of tax [...]

How You Should Spend Your Tax Refunds

Few feelings are better than the one you experience when you receive your tax refund. Before you go crazy with your mad money, take a few tips from professional Encino tax consultants to learn the right way to put your refund to good use so you don’t feel as if you wasted your money and [...]

Tax Tips to Start a New Business

So you’re excited about starting up your very own business. While congratulations are most certainly in order, it’s in your best personal and business interests to work with Encino tax consultants to make yourself aware of what tax considerations to bear in mind as you move forward. Know Your Business Classification Just as there are [...]

Can Unpaid Taxes Keep Me From Buying a Home?

Owning a home, a long-term goal for many individuals in the United States, regardless of their current financial situation. However, unpaid taxes can serve as a massive stumbling block for those who are hoping to invest in a home further down the line. Any tax debt can make it difficult if not impossible to purchase [...]

Volunteering This Summer? Find Out If Your Work is Tax Deductible

Making the choice to volunteer is always a good decision. You get to help people in need, meet new friends, and use your skills for the betterment of society. In many cases, you may also be able to make a little money when tax season rolls around. Not every volunteering situation will result in huge [...]

Benefits Of Investing In Payroll Tax Services: Part Two

Every new business struggles with the challenges of trying to turn a concept, and then product, into a profitable venture. It takes diligence, hard work and a long-term strategy, all while being fine-tuned to the day-to-day occurrences. Ultimately, having a positive cash flow is the goal, and that can seem daunting. However, there are steps [...]

Benefits Of Investing In Payroll Tax Services: Part One

Starting and running your own small business is no easy task. Not only do you have to create the concept and fuel it from the back side, but you also have to be out front, doing multiple jobs, as well as interviewing, hiring and teaching employees, and maybe even handling advertising and social media responsibilities. [...]

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